Asia Part I: Taiwan

I arrived in Zhonghe today, which is just outside of Taipei. Sort of how Brooklyn is to Manhattan. I landed at 6:30 am and am staying at a family friend’s place, Uncle J. He’s a retired New Yorker who now lives in Zhonghe and has graciously let me and G into his home.
After taking a five-hour nap, Uncle J bought turnip cake and scallion pancakes and then took me around the hood, where there is a shit ton of restaurants and food stands. My heaven. We went to a “nicer” restaurant for dinner and had some real General Tso’s chicken, meaning not the greasy, fried kind you eat at home. We also had a whole white fish, sautéed squid, duck egg soup, and egg tarts. Mind you, it was just us two. We did a good job at eating everything but mainly because the Chinese do not like to waste food so when I said I was full, Uncle J looked at me like I was cray and placed more food on my plate.
After dinner we came back and watched a movie and now I’m typing away on my iPhone. Tomorrow G gets in and I’m going to go for a run in the morning in the park across the street – Zhonghe Memorial Park. As long as I can run and eat, I’m a happy camper. Love this hood already.


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