Chiang Kai-Shek and Soup Dumplings

We got back to Taipei early this morning. It was raining the entire day but we were troopers and trekked to Din Tai Fung, a popular soup dumpling place in Taiwan. They now have branches all over Asia and in the US but we went to the original one. We got there and there wasn’t much of a wait. Hearing great things about these dumplings, we ordered three different kinds- traditional pork, truffle oil with pork, and shrimp and squash. I liked the traditional pork dumplings but I really couldn’t tell the difference between these and other soup dumplings I’d had. They were good but nothing special. I would go back but never wait in a long line for them.

It was still raining when we finished but we decided to head to the Chiang Kai-Shek memorial anyway. I never knew why my family hated him but now I understand, although the memorial doesn’t really portray him in the light my parents see him. After all, this entire museum was built to honor him. It was definitely worth a visit though. Entrance is free so why not peek in and get a cool stamp.


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