Going out in Taipei

Last night was our first real night out in Taipei. We decided to go to Taipei 101 and check out Spark. That didn’t happen. We went to Taipei 101 and bought six small bottles of Absolut and two club sodas. We then sat in the food court and drank our vodka while security stared at us. Feeling uncomfortable, we went outside and continued our drinking. After we were done, we decided to head to Spark. The club was closed until 1 a.m. because they were hosting some event and we didn’t feel like paying hundreds of dollars for a table for just the two of us. We decided to go to Roxy 99 instead because I had read some review about it being free on Wednesdays. Also not true.

Roxy 99 is a bar with really bad American music and drunk Taiwanese guys who will send lemon drops over to you. Then these same guys will come up to you and call you names for drinking beer instead of the manly lemon drops they sent over. We took the (several) lemon drops and I pretended I didn’t speak any Chinese. It’s definitely entertaining but I would probably not go back. However, although entrance was no longer free, it was only $100 NTD, which included a free beer. 
Hungover, we woke up for our last day in Taiwan and went to Beitou Springs. We went to the only outdoor springs. Entrance is about $20 NTD and you can buy a towel for $50 NTD. There are three hot springs and two cold water pools. The place is filled with older people who soak in the springs for hours. I couldn’t stay in one spring for more than 5 minutes so I kept going in and out. I also felt weird for wearing a bikini in front of old Taiwanese men. It was a cool experience though (the springs, not the bikini part), and you feel like you are far outside of the city, even though you’re really only a few train stops away. 
If you walk up the main road you will also hit a small row of restaurants. We stopped in one of them for noodle soup. There are only a few to choose from so it’s the one right next to the coffee shop. I’m going to miss Taiwan! Will be back soon. Off to Vietnam tomorrow!

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