Winter and a New Year

The winter running season is among us. I personally love winter runs. You don’t sweat as much and you want to start running as soon as you’re outside because it’s just so damn cold. The downside is all the gear you have to put on beforehand. I usually have three layers on top, one on the bottom. My top and bottom layer is usually Pearl Izumi. I like lululemon for base layers because their shirts are long and compress (keeps out the wind). Right now their Run Swiftly top is my fave. It’s just so darn expensive.

My a.m. routine usually consists of waking up, checking email, lying in bed for about 10 minutes, then taking another 15 minutes to get dressed and mentally prepare myself. I usually go back and forth about whether I should hit the pavement but once I’m out there, I couldn’t be happier.

I need some new races on my calendar for this winter…and more running friends!!! That’s one of my resolutions. To make more running friends. Speaking of resolutions…

  1. Cross-train more. At least for the first few months of the year. Need to build more muscle to run safe and fast. 
  2. Run fast(er), which means more speedwork in my training. 
  3. Blog more. It keeps me on track with my training, even if no one is reading but me! 

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