Running and Cookies

I was finally able to wake P up after about ten “five more minutes” and “it’s below freezing!!” yesterday morning. I took him on an 8 mile run to and across the Manhattan Bridge then back, showing him all the beautiful graffiti that the City can’t reach.

We stopped by my favorite bagel store, Bagel Pub, and grabbed bananas and hot chocolate afterward. P looking outside at the suckers who aren’t inside, very glad his forced below freezing run is over.

Then we came home and I made a test batch of oatmeal raisin cookies. These were not healthy. I used two sticks of butter and two cups of sugar, making about 40 cookies. I also added pumpkin spice for a kick. I’m going to try a healthier recipe this week, using apple sauce instead of butter and see how they turn out. Stay tuned. P was a good helper and made his own cookie…guess which one is his?


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