KBs and XT

Today there was no running to be done. I’ve been taking this kettlebell class for almost a year now and it’s been my go-to for strength training. It’s taught by a martial arts instructor who has a lot of energy and creativity. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. However, I have been looking for something extra to do for cross-training…biking?! I need some new ideas…and I need to not pay extra for these new ideas. Sport should be something that is accessible to everyone. No great athlete came from paying Equinox $200 a month. They train outdoors, where nature intended. Great marathoners do not come from taking expensive NYC classes (I am not a great marathoner). They come from running on trails, pavement, track. They cross-train on bicycles, in the water, or use their own body weight. Another reason I need to get out of this expensive city!! 

No pictures today. Just rants. 

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