More Cookies…for dinner

I tried to make healthier chocolate chip cookies tonight. I used a recipe from Cooking Light except I only used half the butter and subbed the other half with unsweetened apple sauce. They actually taste pretty good (I had FOUR) but they came out looking like cookie balls. I wonder why they didn’t flatten out?! I suppose next time I’ll just have to flatten them myself. I made 25 of these balls (recipe called for four dozen).

My workout tonight definitely didn’t counter these cookies, which really aren’t THAT healthy. I did five miles of intervals. I did this workout, which I will call 1-2-3. It’s one min fast, one min recovery, 2 min fast, 2 min recovery and so on. I did 1-2-3-2-1-2-3-2-1 with a warm up and cool down. I had to do this on the treadmill since there is an escaped murderer on the loose in my neighborhood and it was dark out when I got home. I’m going to my friend’s house tomorrow night for a girl’s slumber party, which means there is going to be a LOT of eating and drinking, which also means I am going to have to literally work my butt off beforehand.

I will continue my search for a healthier cookie recipe that doesn’t look like balls!!


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