Weekend Update

The weekend is already a blur. Here are some highlights:

We finally saw Cindy’s new pad out in Jersey (you know, that piece of land on the other side of the river). There were five of us girls from high school, reunited in Edgewater. Cindy made all this yummy Korean food, including do-it-yourself kimbap. I ate so much and it was all so good. If I could eat Korean food everyday, I would. I would also be  a piece of lard if I did that.

Cindy and Helen with the first batch:

The end result:
During breakfast on Saturday, the girls decided to run a 5k together.  This is GREAT because they are not big runners but have ALL committed to this. I’ve never run with any of them before so I am very excited because it should be a lot of fun!! The race will be sometime in March. I haven’t run a 5k in about ten years but I think these shorter distances will be good for speed training. 
On Sunday I had high hopes of going to a 12 mile group run at 8 a.m. However, I didn’t wake up in time because I went to a birthday party Saturday night (I didn’t even drink). So instead, I did two easy runs- 6 miles Saturday and about 7 miles on Sunday. My hips are a bit tight today so I’m going to take the day off and go to KBs. I had another cookie for breakfast. This insanity needs to stop…
It’s snowing AGAIN…everyone stay warm and run!!

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