I did it…

I joined Equinox. I couldn’t take it anymore. My new year’s resolution of cross-training has been hindered by the crappy classes at NYSC and the long waitlists for my kettlebell classes. And I cannot for the life of me do strength training on my own. So there, I joined. Last night I did a 3 mile run from my apartment to the gym near work, then I did some intervals on the treadmill, then took a Barre Burn class. I used to think these Barre classes were dumb but let me tell you, my hip flexors were on fire. It is so important to have strong hips because that is the cause of many, many running injuries. Strong hips and strong glutes makes for a strong runner.

I used to run every, single day. I am not even joking. I thought that the way to get better at running was to just do it ALL THE TIME…until I got injured, over and over again. I have seen my share of physical therapists in this city and I can give you a list of all my ortho doctors. I’ve learned that running 4-5 times a week is sufficient and that to become a strong runner you must cross-train, something I have neglected.

Thus, I have justified my membership to Equinox. Let the booty blasting begin. Who wants to come with me? I get guest passes!!


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