P’s birthday weekend

To celebrate P’s birthday, I asked him to buy (I mean order) me some new gear. I celebrated by going on an 11 mile run while he was working to test it out. I really like the Craft baselayer although it rode up a bit during my run. If I have one piece of winter running advice it would be to invest in a good running shell. Makes a huge difference. The Craft shell did a good job blocking out the wind and I definitely needed it yesterday running into Rock Creek Park.

This is my stuff.

Post-run coffee in Georgetown

I felt pretty good after my run. I had a negative split so was pretty happy about that. I wish we had more trails in NYC. For now I suppose I’ll have to settle with doing loops around the park. Ugh.

Anyway, more fun things…we went CLUBBING after dinner. This is us plus a ghost in the photo:

Not much of a running update except that I love my Craft gear and I have to go out for a short run now. Oh and I had homemade pop tarts from Teds Bulletin for brunch! Once I find a recipe for these I will share. This one is peanut butter and bacon. It’s for P.


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