I can’t believe I’m saying this but…

I LOVE MY GYM. So far, I’ve taken Barre Burn, Ripped Arms, Diezel Bootcamp, and 30/60/90. I am still sore from 30/60/90. The class consists of a lot of plyometric workouts, which I really need to do for running, and it is non-stop. You don’t get any breaks. Before EQ, I used to hate the gym. Like, really hate it. I couldn’t stand the classes and the smell. I was paying $70/month so that I could use the gym as a locker room when I went running outside. But now, I am actually excited to go to classes because the instructors are all so good and everyone is actually fit (models everywhere). I feel fat working out next to these people so it makes me want to work harder. The eucalyptus towels and Kiehl’s products help too. Plus, there are enough locations so that I could still use it as a locker room when I run outside! Join and use me as a referral!!! You will not regret it!

Ok, enough of that. I recently joined the Prospect Park Track Club. They are some intense runners who constantly break 6:00/mile race paces. So, what better group to work out with? I signed up for a 10-week track session so that I can get stronger and hopefully faster. I feel like I lack the motivation to do speed workouts on my own plus I get access to an indoor track, which is key in the winter for speed.

This weekend I am going to make cookies and I will post more photos and recipes. Hopefully my stupid roommate won’t eat them all!!!!!


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