Track Workout #1

Yesterday was my first track sesh with the PPTC. There was a group of about 25 runners, from fast runners to really slow runners…but that’s okay. We were all there to improve our own pace. The first workout was very basic and a lot of it was just explaining what the next 9 weeks will look like. So here’s what we did:

20 min warm up around the track (boring)
Stretch, core exercises
4 x 800ms at 3:53 (7:48/mile pace)
5 min cool down

That’s it. Pretty easy first time. I am really hoping my 800s will improve bc that is just not acceptable. I won’t be able to make next week’s workout because it’s v-day and P tells me he is going to plan something (after I suggested to him he should plan something hehe)!! The coaches email workouts for the week depending on what you are training for. This weekend I’m supposed to run 14 miles…probably not going to happen in this blizzard. Maybe.

This morning I woke up at 5:30 a.m. to go to a spin class at Eq only to find out that IT WAS FULL!! WHO gets up that early?! Ugh. So I just did an easy recovery run on the treadmill while watching news about this big blizzard that’s going to hit us tonight. The hourly forecast even says “blizzard.” That can’t be good.


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