Valentine’s and Jambalaya

P came down and cooked me vegan jambalaya and bought me some purty roses. We were on the hunt for tofurkey sausage and P was stressed out bc we couldn’t find any. We substituted with tofu and he was not happy…but the jambalaya he made was really good and I am a huge tofu fan so was super excited. I’m really digging his fast.

I skipped the track workout and did my own during lunch. I did my favorite speed work, the 1-2-3s, going between 10:00 rests and 7:30 sprints with a ten minute warm up and cool down. I also took the Ripped Arms and Abs class. I gave myself a rest day yesterday bc I felt like crap so today I’m making up for it with 11-12 miles in the snow shower we’re having.

Here is the delicious meal that P made! We also had ants on a log for dessert.

Today’s also G’s last day in NYC :( We’re going to Chinatown for dim sum and this is G practicing being a Chinese fob:

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