BK, Massages, and Purgatory

Saturday I ran 11 miles and decided to venture into new territory. I wanted to do 12 but I had left G at home and was excited to get to dim sum. Part of the joy of running is discovering new places, even in your own neighborhood. Instead of my usual route across the bridge, I ran into Brooklyn Bridge Park. WHY I just discovered this place is beyond me. It is so freakin pretty:

After dim sum, G and I were able to convince J to get a Chinese massage so I took them to this spot I discovered last year- $30 for an hour!!! I love Chinese massages bc these ladies/men are intense and your massage actually hurts…bc if it doesn’t hurt then it’s not working. When I’m training, I try to go every other week. It’s really good for your muscles bc it loosens them up and prevents injury. Runners have really tight muscles and massage is basically foam rolling on crack. Really though, it’s not just good for runners but anyone who is always on their feet or working out a lot. You have to be careful not to get one too close to a big race though bc you will and should be sore after a good massage.

More on my obsession with Eq: I took this class yesterday called Purgatory Bootcamp. I am not kidding when I say I was sweating puddles. I literally had to wipe my sweat off the floor with the towels we used for the gliding push-ups that I couldn’t complete bc of my lack of upper body strength. The instructor was legit. His bio says he is a Pentathlon record holder and you could tell from the high knees, hurdles, sprints, fast feet, etc. that he made us do. The class was so packed that I had to push myself in between two sweaty people when I walked in late. But you don’t care bc you are just so focused on getting the workout done. The instructor also walks around to make sure everyone’s form is correct. I just loved this class so much!!!! Oh and it’s 45 minutes straight with no breaks. He doesn’t even let you keep your water bottle near you. I can’t wait to go back and bring friends with me!


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