Aches and Pains

It’s happened. My knees are starting to hurt. I have this ache behind my kneecap and it hurts when I bend it. It’s my misaligned kneecaps. I am freaking out because this hasn’t happened in over two years!!! I think I am ODing on the Eq classes that require a lot of jumping, which is rough on my granny knees. Today I’m taking a VIPR class and I think it should be ok. I’ll see how I feel tomorrow and if my poor knees still hurt I’ll take tomorrow and Saturday off so I can do my 12 miler on Sunday.

Ahhh I hate nagging injuries!!! I suppose the good thing is that now I am such a pro at being injured I recognize the first sign of these things and know when to stop. Thank goodness for this little piece of heaven:


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