Weekend cured by running, Shake Shack, and TLC

I found a way to cure my weekend: I ran, ate, and listened to old school tunes.  I hadn’t run in two days because I was stuck at work dealing with this fiasco. But yesterday I did the PPTC track workout that I missed at the gym: 10x400s with 10:00 “rests” and 7:20 sprints. I also took a Barre Burn class that kicked my ass and hips. Then today I ran a very nice 12 miler. I literally ended my run at Shake Shack and I am so excited to share my first bite (of the day) with you guys:
It’s some good stuff. I got the single burger with lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles. I also got a diet coke because that is surprisingly my go-to drink after every longish run. I otherwise never drink soda (unless there is alcohol involved). I also downloaded the Pandora app on my iPhone and listened to TLC radio during my entire run. Now, let’s talk about TLC. 
Last summer my girlfriends and I were at brunch at this spot in the West Village. It was a boozy one and we were singing, dancing, and eating all at the same time. Literally every single song that came on was an old school goodie and we asked the waitress for their playlist. She told us it was just Pandora, TLC Radio plus Beyonce. This was the best discovery of my life. Here are some of the artists I listened to during my run:
Mariah Carey (before she became wack)
Montell Jordan
3LW (remember them?!)
TLC (my fave)
Destiny’s Child
Aaliyah (RIP girl)
And the awesome list goes on. I am truly a child of the 90s….
Now, I’m at work. I didn’t even bother to shower. I bought some cleansing wipes and wiped my face then changed into an old workout top I found on my chair. I’m gross, I know. This is me being gross and procrastinating by taking pictures of myself at work. 
Goodbye, weekend. 

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