PPTC #3 and the BX

Two things happened today:

1. I started my first day in the Bronx. I walked through this scary tunnel thing from the subway to my building. I also learned that our new “offices” won’t actually be offices. Boy, was I spoiled in Bk.

2. My 3rd PPTC track workout was this evening. We did pyramid intervals, sort of. We went up but didn’t come down bc we didn’t have that much time. The workout goes like this:

20 min warm up
400m at 5k pace
800m at 5k pace
1000m at 5k pace
1200m at 10k
1600m at mile pace
5 min cool down
2-3 min rests in between

You are supposed to do them again in the reverse direction (1600, 1200, etc) but we only have so much time reserved on the track so we didn’t get to do them. I was pretty ok with that though…

Yesterday I used this digital scale that measures your body fat at the gym. ANOTHER great thing about Eq! I don’t know how accurate it is but in addition to my body fat, I also learned that I gained 2.8 lbs. Not cool. Also, my friend B told me that at some of the gyms, they actually give you clothes and socks if you forget to bring your own (don’t worry, they’re clean). I am so impressed. I may have to go to one of these locations just to check out the clothing. B and I took a 30/60/90 class and again, I was dying. In a good way.

P is coming to town tomorrow to cook me some healthy food so I won’t be working out after work. I will be pigging out instead. I will share pics of the meals that he makes me :D


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