Fasting with P

This weekend P made some delicious Daniel fast-friendly meals. Potato and leek soup and sweet potato burritos.

For the potato soup, P sauteed one leek, one onion, and one chopped up jalapeno. He then boiled 5 peeled/diced small potatoes and the leek mixture in one 32 oz box of veg broth. Once that started boiling and the potatoes became soft, he used an immersion blender to mix everything together until a creamy goodness was created.

p.s. someone please tell P to SHAVE his beard and get rid of those glasses!

The burritos didn’t come out exactly how he wanted so we modified them into tortilla cakes. They were still really good and really easy to make- you literally combine masa flour with water. DAS it!

For the sweet potato filling, I boiled 3 sweet potatoes, mashed them, then we mixed the mash with brown rice, peppers, one onion, and one can of black beans. We then baked the mixture for about 10-15 min and threw it on the tortilla.

On Sunday my laziness from the weekend lingered and I could only muster up enough energy to run 10 miles. I did a loop around cp then ventured over to the west side. It was a pretty slow and low energy run.

Yesterday I tried my new Pearl Izumi spinning shorts!!! They were amazing. My butt doesn’t hurt at all. They took a little getting used to but it’s worth it. I ran for a little bit before spin in my shorts and that was not a great feeling…but doable! I just wouldn’t go on any long runs with them…

p.s. I’ve gained 5 lbs in the past month. I don’t know what to do but keep on eating!!!


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