Shin splints

After my kb class on Wed, I woke up with pretty bad posterior shin splints (the inner part of the lower leg). It hurt to run the rest of the week so I kept my runs slow. I ran 12 miles today at a pretty slow 10:00 pace because I didn’t want to risk injuring myself. I suppose the smarter thing to do would’ve been to not run at all but we all know I can’t really do that. Anyway, so during my run I began to kick myself in the butt bc I forgot to kinesio tape my shins. I don’t know if taping really works (like scientifically) but even if its all mental, it’s pretty much my savior for minor aches and pains. Check out my taping job (and please excuse my pasty legs and chipped nail polish):

I decided to keep my run in BK today so I did a loop around the park then ventured over to BK Bridge Park again. During the last leg of my run, some three-year old kid (I’m really bad at guessing kids ages…) randomly started running next to me for a block. I looked down at him and he was looking up at me beaming. He seemed so happy to be running with me it reminded me of the real reason I run – because I just really enjoy it. It’s that simple. I get so caught up sometimes with racing and times, I forget how fun and therapeutic the simple act of it really is. Thank you, random cute kid.

I also decided to give Gu gels another shot since PHIL (he wants me to stop calling him “P”) bought me a bagful for the Chicago Marathon that I didn’t use. I tried the Gu Roctane chocolate raspberry one and it wasn’t bad at all. I think I have been converted.

I made a pot of turkey chili and cous cous salad so that I have lunch for the next two weeks. I’m so excited to eat it. I will post pics later. 

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