New Kicks and Weekend Excitment

I knew it was time for new sneakers when I started getting shin splints and blisters during every run. I deviated from my normal running shop and decided to stop in the Super Runner’s Shop in BK. I’m so glad I did because they have this device that scans your foot and creates a mold of it. The mold is uploaded into a program, which shows you where you apply pressure the most, how low/high your arches are, and just by analyzing my stance the guy could tell I pronated more on one side (true). So he recommended that I try the Mizuno Wave Inspire 9, as opposed to the Wave Riders. The Inspires also have moderate support and just slightly more of an arch because I have a pretty low arch in my right foot. I tested these babies out on my treadmill run this morning and felt pretty good. I just need to test them outside now. I love new running shoes!!! 
To go along with my new shoes, I just ordered me some hot PRO Compression Marathon Socks. I tell you, once I shop, I can’t stop. Stay tuned for the review. For 40% off, use code MARCH!
On another note, two major events happened this weekend
1. Baby Lucas is here!!!! I am going to be the best aunt ever and spoil that kid rotten. I am also going to take him running with me. Mommy is doing well and lookin’ good and the baby is the cutest. 
2. Nancy finished her first 5k!!!! This was the 5k that my group of girlfriends were SUPPOSED to do together but two flaked and one got pregs (but still came out to support so equally as good!) (don’t get me started on people flaking on races. That is an entirely different post…) BUT Nancy did such a great job. I ran from my apartment up to the race (11 miles) but I couldn’t find the start so I just met her in the middle and ran about 2 miles with her. 
Random Notes:
I got 50% off my Starbucks latte this morning, which I’m pretty excited about. 
I made baked tofu last night and I’m kind of proud of myself. The brown stuff on the pan is the marinade I used – I poured the remaining over the tofu and baked it. 

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