Eq class: Deep Extreme

Last night I took a new class (new for me) called Deep Extreme. This is the description of the class:

The barefoot cardio training of the future. All you need is your body weight and your breath to experience this challenging, unique workout. Move, swing, hold, release and fly in the most recent creation of Robert Steinbacher, fitness genius. Get off the machines. Get on your feet.”

Sounds kind of dumb, right? I thought so and refused to take it because I expected a bunch of weird dance movements and yoga-like poses. But then I did some intense googling and read a bunch of convincing reviews so I decided to give it a shot before my 6:30 dinner.

The instructor is pretty good. She is also super fit and pretty…because she’s a model, obvi. She goes around the class and actually does the moves with you. If you’re doing something wrong, instead of adjusting you she just stands in front of you and does the move so you don’t feel dumb and singled out. This happened to me a few times.

The class is pretty fast-paced and non-stop. There were a lot of plyometrics, some swinging of the arms (but not in a weird way), squatting, kicking, balancing, planking, etc. – basically all movements with your body weight, which I prefer over dumbbells and body bars. My disgusting puddle of sweat and sore bod today has convinced me to take this class again. I LOVE finding new classes and can I say again how much I love Eq?!

I felt so good after the class I ordered a salmon burger, sweet potato fries and a MINT OREO CRUMBLE MILKSHAKE at dinner. I haven’t had a legit milkshake in a long time and it was so f-ing gooooood. It was kind of worth going over my daily caloric intake by 1000…

Tonight is my 7th PPTC workout. Hopefully my sore calves will make it through the track.

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