Photo shoot and Chickpeas

I am really sore today. It’s probably because I haven’t been stretching and I really need a massage. Last year while I was training for Chicago I discovered this amazing Chinese massage place in Chinatown (obvi). It’s $30 for an hour!!! I will bring anyone who wants to go. They knead the crap out of your legs and feet and you’ll feel like a fresh new runner. That’s what I need right now because yesterday I had the silly idea of running 10 miles TO my kettle bell class.

Ok, are you guys ready for this? Here is a pic from the CUCB 10. I was wearing long sleeves and my bib was underneath so I was getting ready to lift up my shirt so I could get a pic. And do you guys see the girl next to me, sticking her arm in my face and getting ready to go crazy for the camera? Phil was awkwardly getting ready to make a face. If we ever get married we will use this pic for our NY Times wedding announcement.


I also had an amazing discovery this weekend- BOMBAY SPICE CRUNCHY CHICKPEAS. Why haven’t I thought about roasting chickpeas before?? And why did I just discover these at Whole Foods?!

Has anyone every tried these?!


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