Abs and Bikes

I’ve had an epiphany. I do not do nearly as much core work as I should. Actually, I don’t do ANY core work unless I am forced to in an Eq class. This is bad, very bad. Esp as a runner. Therefore, I have vowed to up my core workouts to at least 2x per week. Since I rely heavily on a regimen and also on the internet, here are some workouts that I will be doing:



The moves are nothing crazy and some are pretty standard but I find it really helps when you have workouts planned out. At least for me!

Speaking of cross-training, I decided to take Friday as a rest day so I went to the gym and decided to do my own spin workout in the empty studio. I had no idea what I was doing so of course I googled “spin workouts” and found this. I did it during lunch and was dripping sweat. I actually really liked it and had a lot of fun. 

On Saturday I was in DC visiting Phil. As he slaved away at work I went on a 10+ mile run through Rock Creek Park. I just love running in DC. There are so many trails and the streets are so wide and clean. 

rockcreek2Look it’s a creek!!


Tomorrow I have my complimentary sesh with an Eq trainer. I really don’t believe in dishing out all that money for a trainer but since they keep bugging me about it, I thought I’d give it a shot. I doubt it will really be THAT much better of a workout but you’ll find out soon!!

Since I know you are curious, this is my sched for the week. There will be some light running since I have the half on Sunday. 

  • Today: Run 6.25 mi + core
  • Wed: Eq trainer + 3-4 mi
  • Thurs: Run 6-7 mi
  • Fri: Run 5-6 mi + core
  • Sat: REST
  • Sun: Nike Half Marathon…woohoo!

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