New Type of Bootcamp and a Recipe

Today I took a Pilates bootcamp class at Eq. It was hard. I will let you know if I feel it tomorrow. We used medicine balls, resistance bands, rings, gliders, and weights. I would def go back. Mid class some chick strolled in late and squeezed her stupid mat right between me and the person next to me, leaving virtually no space between us. I gave her many dirty looks but she just did not get the point. After class I did 30 minutes on the treadmill bc I didn’t feel like running through the streets, dodging people and stopping at red lights. I did my 1-2-3 intervals.

I have to share this recipe with you that I found on Pinterest. It’s honey mustard pretzel chicken!!

I used Trader Joe’s pretzel nuggets and used a coffee grinder to grind the pretzels into THIS:

20130502-210018.jpg 20130502-210024.jpg

I also used whole wheat flour to dip the chicken in instead of regular flour. The only complaint I have is that the breading stuck to the wax paper after it was done. I think next time I will dip the chicken in egg first before I coat it. Otherwise, it was pretty good and I’ll definitely make this again. Here’s the end result:

20130502-210034.jpgI have a lot of leftovers!!


I’m pretty excited for the weekend because all I am going to do is run, make roasted chick peas, and go home to see the fam/go to dim sum!!


What is your favorite recipe?

What are your plans for the weekend?


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