VO2 Max Workout

This morning I hit the track to determine my VO2 max using the Balke test. You run as fast as you can on a track for 15 min, do some equation, and voila. Or you can just input your distance into that handy site. It probably wasn’t a good idea to stuff my face with two bowls of cereal, a banana, and multiple Girl Scout cookies before my 2.5 mile warm up TO the track but I suppose this only means that I will be faster after my second VO2 test. I did beat some high school girl on the track though. After all that, I determined my VO2 max to be 42.72. Whatever that means.


There was kiddie track practice this morning. This is where my future kids will spend their mornings while mommy continues to work on her VO2 max well into her 50s…

Anyone ever test their VO2? If so, how did you do it?


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