I had a panic attack this week. I started packing up my room on Tuesday (I’m MOVING tomorrow!) and I felt a tightness in my hip. Thinking I just needed to stretch it out, I did just that…except the tightness didn’t go away and instead I woke the next morning with a dull pain in my hip. There was one spot that especially hurt when I put pressure on it so of course I googled my symptoms and decided I had hip bursitis. I immediately called my closest ortho (I have many) but she was booked for two weeks. However, I’ve injured myself way too many times to know when I should go to a dr asap and I didn’t think this was one of those times so I just waited it out and rested. Turns out that’s all I really needed. Then today my posterior shin splints came back….I couldn’t even run for ten minutes without messing up my form. Can’t a girl get a break?! I just finished icing and taping them. Sigh. It makes me nervous because I start training next week.

Injuries are inevitable when you run. You have to learn how to decipher the different types of pain and trust me, you will know when it’s the bad kind of pain. When it is indeed the bad pain, do not run through it. Just rest and do low impact exercises. Your body will thank you later. Today I took a spinning class, which was both forgiving on my shin splints and my hips. I thought about giving up my gym membership but for days like today, I’m thankful I have one. #firstworldproblems.


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