First speed workout

Today was a busy day on the track. I did my first speed workout on the Great Hill Track in Central Park. I’m not a huge fan because it’s an unpaved track so it’s not smooth and there are bumps and gravel all over :( There was also some field trip going on/super soaker fest because I dodged about a million kids, trying not to get hit with water. In addition to the super soaker fest there were two running groups doing track workouts so all in all, a lot of dodging and weaving.

The workout today was 12x400s with 400 recovery. One of the dudes from the local running club asked me how long my workout was because I had been there forever. It’s true.

My 400s came in between 2:01-2:07 (averaging about a 2:03) and I recovered by walking/easy running 400. I felt pretty good after the workout but it was really long. I didn’t really like the recovering part because I felt like it took me forever to walk around that damn track…not to mention the track is only 350 meters so you actually have to go a little more and you feel tricked.

After my run, I was stretching and saw a lady walk by with an injured pigeon in her hand. I was kind of grossed out but then immediately felt like an awful human being when she came up to me and told me the pigeon was dying and she wanted to lay it down to die near the trees. But then she touched my arm after she put the pigeon down and I started to silently freak out. I’m such a horrible person. Sigh.

For dinner tonight I had popcorn and more chocolate covered bananas. Dinner really is the easiest meal of the day.


What would you guys have done about the pigeon?!


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