Week #2 + running with a pack

I would like to tell you that Week #2 was a success but I can’t. We were in SC for a wedding, leaving Thurs night and coming back Sunday. It was a 7.5 hour drive from DC, in addition to the 4.5 hour bus ride from NYC – DC. So, a lot of traveling and sitting.

Fri called for an easy 6 so Phil and I decided to run through Greer, SC. There is not much going on in Greer so we mostly ran along desolate roads and quiet blocks. It was also really muggy and HOT and I almost fainted because I was dehydrated so Phil made me go home at 4.5 miles while he continued on (prob because he didn’t really want to run at my EASY pace!). 

Saturday called for the same run but I didn’t want to risk Friday’s situation so I just ran on the hotel’s treadmill while Phil ventured on outside to run without me. It was boring. Very boring. Have I told you how much I hate the treadmill? We completely missed our 8 mile run on Sunday because we had to leave early to drive back to DC, and then I had to hop on a bus to come back to NYC. It was a wash. 

I wish we could have run through this (where the wedding took place). It was the most gorgeous part of the trip. 

ImageWhenever I visit Phil he gives me (or rather, I ask for) gifts. This time he gave me THE STICK, which I have been asking for for MONTHS! Anyone who runs should use this. It is a miracle worker. You can just sit there and roll out your IT Band, shins, quads, whatever, all while watching The Bachelorette. 

ImageHe also gave me this so that I can run to work:


I used the pack yesterday to run to work (7.6 miles) and it was HARD. I have a new-found respect for people who run with packs or with extra weight. It was also difficult because the pack was loose on me and moved around a bit. It was really nice though, to be able to just leave the house and go, without having to worry about going back home to shower and then hopping on the subway. I took the bladder out and replaced it with my work clothes and ran straight to Eq and got ready for work there. I would highly recommend run commuting if you can find a decent pack. I am going to have to finagle the pack so it fits better on me because I don’t want to give this up!

This is me before my run with the pack, trying to take a self portrait:




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