Week #3 and Baked Ziti

Ok, I know this is a bit late but I needed to share this recipe and tell you that I didn’t miss any of my workouts in week 3. I am really understanding this cumulative fatigue thing because I sure am fatigued and definitely felt it during the 10 miler last weekend. I have been trying to ice my shins regularly, roll out my legs with my foam roller+ stick, and wear my compression socks when I’m home. Icing and rolling is very important, people!

Now for what I will be eating/have been eating for lunch this week: baked ziti with chicken sausage and spinach. I took THIS recipe and just added 4 links of TJ’s sundried tomato basil chicken sausage (out of the casing). I ground up the sausage first then added the spinach after the meat was fully cooked.

This is what it looked like right before it went in the oven (it looked even better after but I don’t have a good pic):

photo (7)

If you guys don’t know about this website, it is amazing and I am going to try all her recipes http://www.skinnytaste.com/. This week’s training has been good so far. I subbed Monday’s easy run with spinning because of my shins and already feel better. I have also been trying to do Pilates at least once a week to keep up my strength. I am starting to hit my paces during my tempo runs (this was a problem for me before) and am just hoping it keeps up. I am also looking for a few 5ks to do for time trials so if anyone is interested, let me know!!

Two easy 8 miles this weekend in DC. While Phil is at work, all I plan on doing is running and eating the bread and chips I hope he bought me. I’ve also decided to make a list of my fave things to do/eat in DC since I am there all the time. Stay tuned :)


What are your plans for the weekend?

Any good races coming up??


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