First Beach Day and Pizza

My plans to go to DC this weekend were foiled by an absolutely terrible bus company (which won’t be named but if you want to know you can message me). After waiting on the bus line for about 2 hours, I just straight up left the line and went home. Instead, I spent Saturday at the beach. It was my first beach day of the season (yes, I know the “season” just started 4 days ago…) and I had a great time not going in the water, lying out, and enjoying good company.

I spent Sunday eating this:


It is the Tartufo MEDIUM pizza from L’Asso. This is the description of it: portobello pesto, mushrooms, mozzarella (smoked or regular), rosemary & truffle oil.

We went there for my brothers birthday and ordered two medium pies. The other was half Albondiga and half San Daniele. Safe to say we were all pretty stuffed. I would highly recommend this place.

I also found this avocado egg salad recipe on my fave website and made it yesterday. I had it for lunch today and it kept pretty well. I just placed saran wrap over the bowl and tied a rubber band around it to keep the air out.

I had TWO easy 8 mile runs on Saturday and Sunday. It was extremely hot on both days and my runs were extremely hard on both days. I keep telling myself that running in the heat is just training me to be a better runner but no matter, it still hurts!

To all my East Coast runners- get ready for another week of running in this grueling heat. Remember to hydrate and wear sunscreen!! My new favorite is the SPF 50 spray from Bed Bath and Beyond’s generic brand (I think it’s called Face Value). It is the exact same thing as Coppertone Sports, if not better, in my opinion.


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