Massage and Running Injuries

I am an avid believer in getting a massage once a month during training and I firmly believe that this has helped to prevent injuries (knock on wood). I started doing this when I was training for NYC and continued during Chicago and THANKFULLY I was able to make it through both marathons injury-free. I am hoping this will hold true for Berlin.

As some of you know, I’ve run the gamut of injuries, suffering from IT Band Syndrome, misaligned kneecaps, runners knee, and a torn MCL (we won’t count the sprained ankle from TRIPPING). A lot of these injuries sidelined me from scheduled marathons (including NYC and Twin Cities). After my IT band fiasco, I started foam rolling after (almost) every run and started getting monthly massages to relieve the stress in my legs. I am too poor to get a “sports massage” so I discovered tui na- a Chinese massage technique, which is way cheaper and more effective than the massages you get at these fancy spas. They really dig into your muscles and relieve the tension that builds up and causes a lot of injury. See this article. This study also shows how massage reduces inflammation and speeds recovery, key to prevent injuries.

Anyway, yesterday I discovered this tui na spot in the West Village. $39 for 75 minutes of beneficial torture (there’s a first time special). SARAH was my masseuse and she was a foam roller on crack. I literally teared up when she was going at my legs, shins, and IT band. It was like, she just KNEW. I will definitely be going back here.


Anyone ever get tui na or a deep tissue massage??


2 thoughts on “Massage and Running Injuries

  1. It band issues come from an underdeveloped VMO (the teardrop muscle in your quads). Basically the outside of your knee overpowers the VMO and strains or tears. You can avoid it band issues entirely with this exercise during your base training or cross training. Remember that strength training is an integral part of any exercise regimine!

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