Yesterday was my hardest run yet. I did a few dumb things:

  1. I waited until 2 pm to start my 12 mile run
  2. I did not bring any water with me
  3. I did not bring any nutrition with me
  4. I wore a thick, black tank top (see updated fave gear)
  5. I did not bring an extra hair tie with me 

As a result of said above, I ran into a running store to buy a new top:

Brooks Versatile EZ Racer Back Tank Top - Women's

I bought mine for $27 but they have it on sale here for $19.19. I think they run big so go a size down if you can. I got it in XS and it was still kind of big on me but I wasn’t complaining about the loose fit at ALL. 

I then continued on my run into Rock Creek Park, one of my favorite running spots in all of DC because you can really just get lost in the scenery and also because there is SHADE! Despite the shade, it was probably 150% humidity and I was drenched by mile 3. And when I say drenched, I mean I looked like I had been caught in a downpour. It was so humid my sweat was not evaporating. I was getting weird, disgusted looks. However, I finished my 12 miles and ended up at CVS guzzling coconut water. 

Oh, summer training. You’ll suffer in the summer, but run faster in the fall. Gotta love/hate it. 


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