Running with Others

I’ve always been a solo runner. I will occasionally run with friends but very rarely, mostly because my friends don’t like to run. I am lucky that Phil loves to run as much as I do and that he can talk to me about running forevz without getting bored. In fact, our first fight ever was about the significance of compression socks. And so of course I thought that we would be able to run together. But therein lies the big difference. 

I’ve come to learn that dating a runner and running with your runner boyfriend do not really go hand in hand. The main reason being that we have very different running styles. I want Phil to always be considerate of me and make sure we are at the same pace when running. I want him to talk to me when I want to talk (I talk when I run with people). Phil, on the other hand, just wants to run at his pace, as fast as he can, and not talk. End of story. There is no talking or being considerate of pacing. The only way to get around this is to agree on a pace and a style before we run, which is what we do when we race together. We agree on a pace and Phil will then pace me and force-feed me nutrition. That is the beauty in agreeing. 

This article interestingly addresses love and running, a lot of which I agree with. 

In the end, although we cannot run all of our runs together, we have happily completed several races together at agreed upon decent paces and we can still hold each other accountable for our training runs, then talk about and understand how each run went. We have already agreed that we aren’t running Berlin together and that is okay with me because we have different goals. 

I do think that I should find a running group or some running friends so that I can chat away….any takers?!


Do you run with your significant other?? How is it?

Do you run with friends?? How is it?


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