Hitting the Training Wall

I am now officially at the halfway mark of my training for Berlin. These last 10 weeks have been tough. I don’t think I’ve ever ran so much in my life. I am starting to experience aches and pains in my knees and shins (again) but am just praying that the stick and stretching will get me through it. I think it’s also time for a massage. 

These past 10 weeks have been hard for me because I feel like I have been repeatedly hitting the wall during many of my runs. I feel like my pace hasn’t picked up and I am always tired. I know that being tired is part of the cumulative fatigue training so it must really be working on me! However, I am hopeful that I am finally getting past this training wall because although I wasn’t on pace yesterday, my effort felt better and today’s easy 6 mile run really did feel easy. Fingers crossed for the two easy 10s this weekend. 
Phil always yells at me for not fueling properly and eating enough (damn you, MyFitnessPal!!) so my resolution from now on is to practice fueling during every run over an hour (that’s going to be the majority of my runs). I used to chew blocks and sports beans but I’ve really  become a fan of Gu Roctane (prob also because Phil got me a HUGE box of it for Chicago). 
Last weekend’s long runs were fun for me because two of my brothers ran with me for part of my runs (C came on Saturday and A came on Sunday). I told A that I would give him $100 if he finished 15 miles. He kept up for 4 miles :D But I am proud of them for sticking it out!! Neither runs on a regular basis and C texted me the other day telling me he wants to run again. I am a proud sister indeed. 
Here is our run on Saturday. I forced C to take a video of me running so I could analyze my own gait. I need to straighten myself out. 
-What kind of nutrition do you use?
– Anyone else hitting the training wall? What do you do?

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