Perfect Weather

Today is the perfect running weather. It reminds me of fall marathons and races. It is my absolute favorite. Nonetheless, I still did not wake up in time to get my 9 mile tempo in. But it’s okay because I will run after work when the humidity is 37% (what?!).

It is also time for new sneakers. I discovered a few holes in my Wave Riders and have logged 600+ miles in them already. No wonder I am getting shin splints again!!!

Ok, I have a serious question for you guys. What do you do when you see another runner? As a New Yorker, we (when I say we I really mean “me”) are bred to ignore each other and avoid eye contact. I was doing my easy 10 in DC a few weeks ago, in the rain. I passed another female runner on the trail and this is what happened:

Me (in my head): That B better get out of the way for me. What is she wearing? Look at her fuel belt. Who runs with such a big fuel belt (sorry phil..)?! Ugh, don’t look at her.

Me (in real life): Run, run, run. Look at other female runner to make sure she doesn’t touch me.

Other runner: BIG GRIN, WAVE, as if to say, hang in there, we are both troopers running in the rain!! You go girl!!

Me (in real life): Smile and nod.

Me (in my head): I am such a bitch. OMG I am such a bitch. What a nice lady. What a cute top. What a nice fuel belt. She looks like she’s doing a great job. I’m such a bitch.

So, guys, a word of advice. Whenever you see another runner, please do this instead of what just happened above:

Runners... Done this!


2 thoughts on “Perfect Weather

  1. I have the opposite issue when I run in New York. I smile and wave at everyone and they ignore me or give me a look like I have 8 heads in response. It makes me think I have something on my face or stuck in my teeth.

    We can run tonight at the same time, at the same tempo, but 250 miles away. Counts as a date, right?

    Fuel belts are legit.

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