My Hanson’s Method review and Another Pair of Mizunos!

Sorry, guys. I accidentally published that first post. Ok here we go again. My fourth pair of Mizuno Wave Riders and my second pair of the 16s. It was really time to replace my shoes. I had logged over 600 miles in them. I just love these shoes so much:


I ran 10 miles in these today, mostly through Summer Streets and my ankle did not hurt one bit. Hopefully these are the answers to all my problems!! My run today also felt really good and my easy pace today was actually 1:30 min faster than the pace I’m supposed to run. I didn’t stare at my Garmin the whole time like I usually do and instead ran “easy” by gauging my effort.

20130817-135905.jpgWe have about five weeks left to Berlin and I was really losing hope because my pace wasn’t picking up and I felt sluggish and slow all the time. I know a lot of it had to do with the weather but it sure isn’t a confidence booster. However, now that it’s cooled down a bit, I’m starting to see the benefits from running in the heat combined with the Hanson’s Method.  The HM calls for four key runs: Easy, Speed/Strength, Tempo, and Long.

Easy Runs: During the easy run, your pace should be between 1:00-2:00 slower than your goal marathon pace. I obvi love the easy runs but even my easy run pace was feeling hard for me in the summer heat. Recently, I’ve been running easy based solely on effort and I think this has really helped. Let your effort dictate your pace, not vice versa.

Speed/Strength Workouts:  I actually really enjoy these runs because each week is different. It’s kind of exciting to see what the next workout is going to be. These workouts are meant to be hard and your pace is dictated by a 5k/10k goal. I was very discouraged by these runs because most of my speed workouts were done in the heat and my pace was about 0:30 slower than my pace goal. However, these few weeks, during my strength workouts, my pace has picked up and I am a lot closer to my pace goal. As you continue to do these workouts, your pace will get better. The key is to commit and be consistent.

Tempo Runs: These are the hardest for me because tempo runs are marathon pace runs at a longer distance.  Your tempo runs are a good way to determine what your marathon pace will be. I have not been able to sustain my pace goal for the entirety of the run and may have to scale back my goal, but that’s okay. The important thing is to, again, be consistent with your pace and know what you can sustain for 26.2 miles.

Long Runs: These should also be between 1:00-2:00 slower than marathon pace. I’ve been pretty loose with my long runs, running at what feels easy for me. By the time your long run comes around, your legs are really tired after 3 consecutive days of running, including a tempo run. So, it’s okay that your pace is a little slower because on race day, your legs will be refreshed.

I am starting to see the benefits of the Hanson’s Method. I definitely feel the effects of the cumulative fatigue but as the weeks go by, my legs are less affected by the fatigue and are able to perform better. You will likely be discouraged in the first half of training but things will start to pick up toward the second half, after your body has adjusted and grown stronger.

5 more weeks!!!!


-Anyone ever try the Hanson’s Method?? I’m so curious to hear from others who have!

-Anyone training for a fall marathon? How are you training?


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