Yesterday I started my 2x3mi interval run at 12:30 p.m. I did not drink any water. The sun was blazing directly down on me the ENTIRE TIME. I have the ugliest and darkest tan line now. I almost threw up. I am an idiot.

Hydrating the hours before a run, especially if you are going to run at PEAK sun time, is really important. Like, REALLY important. I was so dehydrated I had to sit down at times because I thought I would throw up. That is the first time that’s ever happened to me during a run. I just wasn’t thinking yesterday. Now you can all learn from my mistakes!

On a brighter note, I was finally able to try UMAMI BURGER. It is delicious. I don’t care what the critics say. I NEED to go back! Tell me this does not look amazing. It is the Truffle Burger.

20130828-071948.jpgI did my second 16 mile run through Rock Creek again on Sunday. I just love that park. It’s really important to switch around your routes otherwise you will get bored. I celebrated my run with another burger (can you tell I’m going through a phase?) and fries from Good Stuff Eatery. I ate the burger before I had a chance to take any pictures :(



4 more weeks til Berlin! I’m scurred.


Where are your favorite burger joints??


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