Last Long Run

On Saturday, Phil and I finished our last 16 mile long run together. I am so glad we did because we got to eat lots of yummy bbq afterward plus Sunday was disgusting and hot. We set a pace and I think we did a pretty good job at sticking to it (minus the horrendous hills that I had to very, very slowly climb while Phil yelled at me for quitting). I am still kind of sore from our run, which means it was good.

I am very nervous for Berlin, as I usually am with any marathon I run. However, this time I am extra nervous because of this new training plan we are using. I just need to be confident that it will work. Even if I don’t hit my goal, I am hoping to PR at this race.

I also want to share with you guys a very special deal- buy one get one for 99 cents BLIZZARDS at Dairy Queen!! I got the mint oreo blizzard and Phil made his own with Reese’s. I just HAD to get one because sadly we don’t have a DQ in NYC :(



Do you have a DQ near you?

What is your favorite Blizzard flavor??


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