Post-Marathon Blues

Almost immediately after we ran Berlin, I started thinking of my next marathon. I wanted to redeem myself and make up for my awful finish time, which was so far from my goal. I started thinking of what I did wrong – my off-target training paces, the lack of time to recover from jet lag, the wrong training plan for me, not enough cross-training, no smaller races, etc. There were so many factors to consider. However, all that aside, I have found my next marathon- the New Jersey Marathon, right along the Jersey shore and right in Phil’s old neighborhood. I have yet to figure out my training plan for NJ but right now I am just focusing on getting back into running and cross-training.

My plan of attack for the next few weeks:

  • buy new running clothes
  • cross-train
  • find smaller races for the fall/winter.


-Anyone run NJ before??

-Any races coming up?


2 thoughts on “Post-Marathon Blues

  1. I’m not in New Jersey, but I love your attitude of getting right back out there! I have two Turkey Trots coming up in November, and a fun Yeti 5k Obstacle Course run in early December. I bet NJ has some great races- perhaps one day I’ll get to a race there! Keep Runnin’!

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