Races and Revolve Spin Review

I am officially registered for the NJ Marathon. I also registered for the Allstate 13.1 Half Marathon, which I ran last year on a whim. I am very excited because I never really plan this far ahead for anything other than a marathon. But part of my “thing” this time around is to sign up for shorter races earlier so I can factor them into my training. I truly believe that the absence of ANY races during my Berlin training contributed to my poor performance (which relates back to my poor training/pacing).

Yesterday I took my first class at Revolve in NYC (first class is free!). I took Jason’s class and I straight up felt like I was in a club. He played amazing music that really made you pedal hard and fast and I was truly exhausted. Maybe it’s because I haven’t gone spinning in a while but I would like to think it’s because he had so much energy. He had us do climbs, sprints, and then in the middle of the class we did weights with sandbags that were on the side of the bike (I think this is sort of Soul Cycle-ish?). We were out of the saddle for about half the class, which I like because I feel like when I’m out of the saddle I am mimicking running (prob not but let’s pretend). I would definitely go back for another class. My plan is to spin once a week to keep my cross-training in check. Anyone want to come?!


Any spin enthusiasts out there? Do you go to a spin studio? If so, which one?

What type of cross-training to you do/find most effective?


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