Phil gave me JAYBIRD headphones and a new iPod nano and nano case for my birthday on Weds!


I’ve had my eye on the Jaybirds for a while and I especially think about how ANNOYING my earphones are during these cold, windy runs, when the earbuds would fall out of my ear and the wires would get all tangled up. We went out for a birthday run and I got to test my presents out.  During my test run with the Jaybirds, the right bud kept falling out of my ear but after changing the size of the earbud (they give you three different sizes), they fit perfectly. I also realized after my 2nd time using them that I like the cord tighter. It is so freeing to run without my sad Apple earphones and without having to carry my phone the entire time. The Jaybirds are also cool because there are controls next to the left earpiece so you can adjust the volume and change the song. I’m definitely happy with these so far! I’m also excited that I have an iPod again (I accidentally put the other iPod Phil got me in the laundry…oops).


Anyone own Jaybirds or other wireless headphones??


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