Winter Running

I have a confession. I sort of love winter running. There is something about sweating while it’s 20 deg out. I say this now in my 90 deg room but tomorrow morning I will probably regret typing that. Anyway, while I am still loving winter running, I thought I’d share my winter running checklist/tips with you.

  1. Get a GOOD pair of running tights. This is your one big investment- make it. Otherwise you will have windburned legs and that is not cool. And make sure they cover your ankles.
  2. Layer up. You will need a solid base layer (maybe two) and a good, windproof jacket. But remember that your body temp will rise 20 deg so don’t overdo it either.
  3. Gloves and wool socks.
  4. Ear warmers/headband/hat- get one that is wicking bc you will be sweating.
  5. Carry tissues with you. I don’t know about you but my nose always runs (haa) when I am running in the cold.
  6. Chapstick. Windburned lips are also not cool.
  7. If you can, try to run in the afternoon when it’s the warmest. Otherwise, I like running in the morning when the sun is out.
  8. Not as many people run in the winter so the streets/parks will be less crowded!!
  9. Be careful when it’s icy- black ice is no fun.
  10. Don’t forget to drink water. You will feel less thirsty running in the cold but your body still needs to hydrate.
  11. If you want, warm up inside (jumping jacks, dynamic stretches, etc) so that you are not FREEZING when you step outside. I personally find that the cold just motivates me to get moving asap.

I am now motivated to buy some new winter running gear. Happy running!!


What are some of your winter running tips?

Who likes winter running?


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