St. Martin!

Last weekend I was in St. Martin for a wedding of a good friend. I was so excited to eat the DELICIOUS food and tan on the beach. One out of the two happened.


If you are ever in St. Martin you MUST go to a LOLO (basically just an open air restaurant that serves yummy ribs, grilled fish, JOHNNY CAKES (the doughy thing on the yellow plate), and other delicious food.  I was in St. Martin once before and fell in love. I was so excited to be back.

Don’t let this picture below fool you. Most of the time we were there it was rainy and cloudy :( This picture is from our last few hours there. Sadly, the sun came a little late. There was not much tanning involved.


The day after I got back to NYC there was a snow storm. So I ran in it. It was a little brutal because it was windy and the snow was really smacking against my face. By the time I was done I couldn’t feel my entire body. I also ran a 15k this past Saturday…pics to come!!


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