I’m Obsessed…

I can’t stop. I went to Trader Joe’s the other day and finally decided to make this splurge. It was SO worth it. I have been eating a spoonful every day. I don’t even bother putting it on bread or anything. I was deciding between the cookie butter and the cookie butter/chocolate swirl. I decided to go with the original cookie butter and then come back next time for the swirl. It is amazing and you must go get a jar right now!


 To offset my new cookie butter eating habit, I decided to make a vat of healthy chicken brown rice soup. I used this recipe and this is how it turned out (sorry about the fuzzy pic- the steam was fogging up my iPad lens!):


I just had some for lunch. It is surprisingly filling and super healthy and easy to make.

Morning runs in the snow have become a norm. I can’t wait to run in DC this weekend where it will be in the 60s and 70s. Time to dig up my running shorts!!!


What are your plans for the holidays?

Tell me if you have tried cookie butter before!!


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