Why I Run

A lot of people ask me why I run. And some people will ask me why I run so much. I run almost everyday. Part of the reason I run is to get better at it but the main reason I run is just because…I really like it. Running is therapeutic for me. I love being outdoors and exercising outdoors. Although I like the occasional spin or gym class, I cannot stand being inside of a gym for too long. There is something just unnatural about working out indoors and I can’t stand to breathe in other people’s sweat for more than an hour. Often if I take a class or go indoors for a workout, I try to run outside beforehand so I get my share of…I don’t know, AIR. This is my view almost every morning. I don’t know how you can say no to this:


Running while I am training for a race is different, and obviously a given. It is not as leisurely but there is also something about pushing myself each day that is addictive. Sure, my performance has never been perfect, but just training in itself is something special. The marathon (or any distance you are training for, really) is not just about that one day, it’s about the entire process leading up to it and enjoying every step (literally). I think when you reach that point, that’s when you know you are truly a runner.


Why do YOU run?


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