Two Cool Things and Sneakers

Last week was a pretty cool running week for me. This is why:

1) I was sold a pair of running sneakers by an Olympian at a local running shop.

2) I ran with the men’s record holder for the most consecutive NYC marathons (he started running in 1973, I think). I was about to pass him on a run around Central Park when we started chatting. He was so nice and interesting that we ended up running the rest of the loop together. I was so in awe of his accomplishments and hope to one day do as much as he has – him and his wife have biked across country (unsupported), run marathons around the world, and obvi there’s the record thing. There are so many amazing and inspirational runners in our little city.

Back to the sneakers. I was sold the Adidas Supernova Glide 6s. I really wanted to like these shoes because I’ve never run in Adidas but did a loop around the park (see #2) and just didn’t feel comfortable in them. I think the drop may be too low for my liking and the cushioning in the front felt heavy to me.  I also tried on the new Mizuno Waver Rider 17s. I REALLY REALLY wanted to like these but the heel cup was too big and my feet were slipping out of the shoe!! I was really sad but was able to order another pair of the Wave Rider 16s on for half the price! I got this pair:

Now I just have to patiently wait til they arrive.


What kind of sneakers do you run in?

Points if you guess the people in #1 and #2!


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