14 miles

This Saturday called for 14 miles at an easy pace. I did 14.1 miles @ about 9:40. I did two loops of Central Park and then finished my run in Riverside Park. Here is a tip: If you lack runner friends (like me) or cannot convince anyone to run 14 miles with you (like me), find a random running group(s) and secretly trail behind them during your run. I know, creepy….but it WORKS! I guess the alternative is to just join a running group…

I have recently been buying running tops from the Gap. Two years ago I would have been horrified at the thought but they recently revamped their GapFit line and it is not only very affordable but even pretty comfortable and does a fine job wicking. I have the GapFit brushed running hoodie and the GapFit motion long sleeve. I got both of them on sale for $15-20. I have worn both as a mid-layer during long winter runs and I am pretty satisfied so far. Never buy anything full price there because they are ALWAYS having sales.

This morning called for an easy 5 miles and I am going to a Swerve spin class later. Two workouts a day is kind of draining. How do you triathletes do it?!


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