Hill Work on a Treadmill

This morning I had a 5 mile hill run. Since it was still icy outside I decided to hit the treadmill again for what I thought would be an easy 5 miles. Hardest 5 miles of my life. I decided to do a workout called Sixes and Sevens:

  • 90 secs at a 6% incline at marathon pace
  • 1 min recovery jog
  • 1 min at a 7% incline at 10k pace
  • 1 min recovery jog.

I could not hit my MP or 10k pace at those inclines because I was just not used to running on hills that steep (for me). So I ran them at about 6mph and decided to keep that pace for my recovery so that I was maintaining an even pace.

Even though I hate hills, they are important to our training.

Hill workouts = speedwork. :)

Hill repeats will make you faster, says this study- Runners who did hill repeats (any kind) for 6 weeks improved their 5k time by 2%.  So do them.


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