18 miles in….

You guessed it. MORE SNOW. However, I was able to get out this past Saturday and start my 18 miler before even more snow fell. The second picture below is when it started snowing again. It was actually pretty nice out and the paths in Central Park were all clear (the first pic below is of a trail, not the cement path). That is why I ran three loops around it – it’s really the only place to run in the city without risking a slip on ice. It was a pretty slow run done in about three hours. I only had one GU and no water. Again, NOT SMART. Part of it was because I didn’t want to stop in anywhere to buy water because I had to make it to Paradou for a triple birthday brunch at noon (get the poached eggs over foie gras and tater tots…because they are not really tater tots like you’ve ever had).



I’ve mentioned before that I have issues with proper fueling. As in, I know what I need to do but I don’t always do it. My run on Saturday was a perfect example of just that. It is SO important to fuel about once an hour during a long run and to hydrate even when it’s cold. I definitely felt the effects of my lack of fueling after about 15 miles.

Sunday was a rest day which meant a LOT of eating in Flushing (where my family is). We went to Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao for soup dumplings- some of the best I’ve had. We also ordered the beef with tripe, scallion pancakes, and rice cakes with shredded beef. Go for the soup dumplings. Nothing else because there are better places in Flushing for other stuff. I refuse to go anywhere else for Chinese food. Can I tell you how much I hate these Asian fusion restaurants popping up charging $25 a plate for something I can get for $5, and that TASTES better, in Flushing? That is another post…


How do you fuel during your runs? What kind of fuel do you use?

Any good runs lately??


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