Hello, there. It’s been a while. Nothing much has happened except:

  1. I almost puked during my last 18 mile run on Saturday and I hated every single minute of it.
  2. I went for a run during lunch on Tuesday and loved every single minute of it because it actually felt like SPRING!:


Back to the puking. If you recall, over the summer there were times when I felt nauseous during my runs in the excruciating heat. And it was because I was dehydrated. This past Saturday it was about 60 deg out and I, AGAIN, was dehydrated and did not drink enough water. I also did not drink any water when I took my GU. Please, please, please learn from my mistakes and DRINK WATER!! 

Random note: My new fave flavor of GU is SALTED CARAMEL. It is so good because it actually does taste like caramel. It’s a limited winter edition so you all better stock up!

Salted Caramel

Back to it feeling like spring. It does NOT feel like spring today. In fact, it feels like winter just started.

Another random note:  I went to get a foot massage today at this place. It was 30 minutes of much-needed pain because I have been complaining about sore feet after long runs. Let’s see if the massage will help get me through my 20 mile run this weekend, which will coincide with the NYC Half!


Anyone running the half-marathon this weekend?

What is your favorite GU flavor?


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